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We enrolled with Babita at start of year 5 with focus on 11plus preparation in Mathematics. The structure and plan for the year shared at the beginning gave us immense confidence about the learning journey. The focus and attention given in every one-to-one session to clarify concepts and notes to revise at convenience made all the difference in our daughter’s learning of crucial and difficult concepts. Babita’s approach to learning meant using wide variety of resources ranging from simple calculation to complex word problems to make child thorough in all aspects of every topic. The firmness to stay on track yet the unflinching support by being available outside hours to respond on every concept query or guide to help solve atypical questions was commendable. Our daughter has come a long way but the hard journey has not only made her an absolute Maths wizard for 11 plus but she is in absolute love with such an important subject for her secondary school life.
Babita’s unrelenting commitment to make the child better through the process gives us no doubt in recommending her to other parents.

Vikram, Girija & Saanvi (Year 5)


It is such a blessing for Shannon to have Babita as her Y6 supporter. Shannon has missed out on quite a lot on her 11+ whilst at a different eleven plus provider even though she has passed. As a mum I really want Shannon to grow her Y5 and Y6 foundation in more depth. Babita is helping her in the way of tailor-made solution for Shannon! She analyzed all the papers which she initially provided to Shannon and planned the special needs which Shannon is lacking of . I have immense confidence in Shannon’s progress with Babita, not only for score but for a Solid preparation for secondary school! As a parent I really would advice other parents to start our children from Y4 for better foundation building and less rushing indeed! Choose wisely!

Fran & Shannon (Year 6)

Babita is fabulous at what she does. I would give 100/100 for her efforts and organised way of teaching. Shirin had a drastic change in her learning and attitude towards learning and moreover could see the results of her hard work that she was putting in.

Tanya & Shirin (Year 5)

I would highly recommend Elevenplus-For-All for a modern, less stereotypical approach for any child. Babita is not only professional but dedicated and committed in her approach. She has a wholistic view of the eleven plus process and integrates experiences of competition techniques,visualization, whole brain learning and stress management into her solid foundation program. She is willing and driven for progress in her students and is dynamic in her approach looking for new and revised material to incorporate in the ever changing process.

Kindest Regards Sheryl (Year 9)

We were very impressed with Elevenplus-For-All. The academy covers not only  preparation for exams but starts from the basis and concentrates to provide solid educational foundations for every student. We have watched the children progressing at a steady pace, achieving intermediate goals and inevitably succeeding in the final exams. Babita is running the academy with professionalism and deep personal engagement to best address individual needs of every student, regardless of their initial abilities. We thoroughly recommend the course.

Marta, Loy & Philip (Year 8)

I strongly recommend  "Elevenplus- for-All" to all the parents. Babita is so professional and well organized and at the same time so friendly, supportive and approachable to my daughter. Babita is providing a high quality of teaching methods and also updated exercises and books. I have detailed feedbacks regarding my daughter's progress and accurate plan to improve her weaknesses.
Thank you for everything Babita.
With regards
Dr Ioanna (Year 5)

I have known Babita for over 7 years and found her very caring, focused and professional. She will push hard to get results for your child and I have seen her work with her own two children on eleven plus material to make them succeed. Babita's hands down tailored approach will ensure that you get a tailored tuition.

Doris Allen

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