Babita Kassan CEng MIChemE

Hello. My name is Babita Kassan and I am DBS verified.  I have successfully assisted children for the last nine years in getting through the Buckinghamshire Grammar School 11+ entrance exam for CEM and GL respectively. I am passionate about empowering children in Maths and English, not only to pass the 11+ exam but to develop an aptitude and reasoning ability to apply at YEAR 6 and beyond. Far too often I speak to parents who are having their children tutored at two or three tuition centres in an attempt to try to get their child to "pass" the exam. These children generally often end up having enormous gaps in their learning due to short-cut versions of teaching.
The 11+ route is an expensive investment for any parent, and at Elevenplus-For-All, your child is sure to learn skills in addition those required for the elevenplus exam such that no additional YEAR 6 tuition is required on completion of the course and your child should be able to comfortably academically integrate into YEAR 7 without needing any bridging course. Additionally, tapering and visualisation techniques will be implemented which are important throughout their academic careers.